6/12/23 Weekly Work Log TEMPLATE v.2

Session Number:6
Week Number:3
Total Estimated Hours Contributed this Week: 4
What is/was your overall goal for this week? Unity Tutorials

Work Tasks 

Date Task Description Time Spent Was / Were your choices and work Best Practices? Why? 
6/12Unity Editor (Learning)40 minsYes, I learned how to make a map.
6/13Unity Editor
43 minsYeah, I learned to get free stuff and import it to games.
 6/14 Unity Editor
Writing Recomendations
39 minsYes, Its my goal.
 6/15Unity Editor
Writing recomondations
32 minsYes, they were due.
 6/16LinkedIn Recommendations (Blog Post)46 minsYes, I forgot to.

LinkedIn Recommendation

When I think about a creative person I think about Trenton, Trenton is just amazing at solving using his mind. Trenton and I met at Capital High School and worked in game design together. Trenton is just hilarious and makes everyone happier. It didn’t matter if it was storming and everyone was grumpy he could still light up the day, Any workspace would love having Trenton as an employee.